Machine Made Oak Frames

Machine Made Oak Frame Range

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our ‘Machine Made’ oak framing range. As you will see if you browse our web site, our products are all hand made and bespoke to the client’s wishes. This side of our business will not change, but until recently it has been difficult to produce traditional oak framing by machine. Now with the advances in technology it is possible to produce frames and buildings of any size and shape..

Because of the reduction in labour time this enables the framing to be produced more cheaply than a hand made product. The resulting framework is by no means inferior to the hand made product, it’s just made by a machine. This gives you, the clients, more choice in product and budget. The frames shown on the PDF are examples of some of the buildings we can produce.

These can be modified or adjusted to suit individual requirements, or we can produce a bespoke design fully to your specification. All of the frames shown are complete oak structures with oak rafters and in-fill wall studs. We can supply all frames as a kit for self-erecting or we can supply and erect. Each frame comes with a set of working drawings which show all component sizes. We hope you find this of interest, please don’t hesitate to call for a quote.

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A modern take on a centuries old classic