About Hampshire Oak Carpenters

Over 50 years in construction

Our History

Our experience in the construction and repair of oak framed structures of all shapes, sizes and designs goes back 30 years and our experience of carpentry and joinery in the building industry goes back a further 15 years.

During this time we have come to appreciate and perfect the art of oak frame construction using traditional methods passed down through generations. We have been located at our present framing workshop at Wickham in Hampshire for the past 10 years were we can manufacture oak framing for delivery anywhere.

We have a close team of dedicated carpenters, most of whom have been with the company for 5-10 years. We also have a reliable pool of skilled, local specialist sub-contractors who have worked very closely with us on many projects. As a company we are committed to achieving exactly what the customer wants and are more than happy to use our vast experience to get the desired result.

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